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  1. Highschool Romance
  2. Isolation Vacation
  3. Stone Mountain
  4. The End (Do You Even Remember The Beginning?)
(c) 2006 All songs by Nik Tymoszewicz

Released: 2006-03-26
The Higher Ups
The Higher Ups is the brainchild of the sweetest dude I know, Nik Tymoszewicz. For a while Nik was the gas man, then he was the inspector man. I asked Nik why he didn't sing on his songs and he told me it was because he thought he sounded like a muppet.

RIYL: The Fucking Ghosts
Web site: http://www.myspace.com/firethehigherups
About Negotiations With The Higher Ups
"this really has no beginning and no ending. . . .its about feeling isolated . . . stranded. . . falling in love with the girl of your dreams in highschool. . .only to find out after two weeks she's been cheating on you. whatever the songs don't mean shit. . . .she was a skank."
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