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  1. The Highlands Are No Longer The Lowlands
  2. The North Atlantic Sleeps Tonight (And So Do I)
  3. Leaving (In The Rain)
  4. Eastern Sunrise #1
Written and Recorded by Nik Tymoszewicz.

Released: 2005-09-29
The Higher Ups
The Higher Ups is the brainchild of the sweetest dude I know, Nik Tymoszewicz. For a while Nik was the gas man, then he was the inspector man. I asked Nik why he didn't sing on his songs and he told me it was because he thought he sounded like a muppet.

RIYL: The Fucking Ghosts
Web site: http://www.myspace.com/firethehigherups
About The East Had You Beat
"i think its just a reference to the fact that the east had ontario beat out for my decision that i made last week on going back to school . . . . "you " in the title is Ontario. . . or Ryerson. . . however you want to look at it. its kind of a goofy title i know. . . but that was the first thing that came to me. out."
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