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  1. Outside Of Society
  2. Go Home
  3. Boop
  4. Nowhere
Written, recorded and performed by Pete Garcin.

Released: 2005-07-04
The Pluralists
The Pluralists are easily one of the greatest bands ever. Like about half of the bands on this label, The Pluralists are actually one man, in this case named Pete Garcin. Like most bands on this label, The Pluralists use technology to sound 100 times bigger than they are. Can you please forget everything I just said and appreciate these songs for the awesome rock-a-thons they are?

RIYL: Ride, The Doves, more than one of things
Web site: http://dadmobile.com/pluralists
About 4
The Pluralists' second release. "Nowhere" is the longest song ever released by Dadmobile.
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