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  1. Petony Inc. Corporate Anthem
  2. Secretaries
  3. Filthy Rich
  4. Disgruntled
  5. Annual Shareholder's Report
(c) 2005 Petony. All songs written by Petony.
Pete - vocals, guitar, drums
Tony - guitar, drums, organ, vocals
Bee Dubya - bass, synth
Written and recorded March 5-6, 2005 at Dadmobile Studios live off the floor with vocal overdubs.

Released: 2005-06-20
Petony is the pstupidest band on earth, and by pstupid I mean totally sweet. Petony were the soldiers of Dadmobile in our war against $THE MAN$. Petony turned the punificent peons in to sheeple. Petony fought against SUVs, inappropriate cell phone use, stalking royals and obsessive lawn care. Petony brought us more ninjas, monkey cyborgs and chili. Do whatever Petony tells you but don't believe a word they say.

RIYL: RAWK, gnarly stunts, pstupidity
Web site: http://dadmobile.com/petony
About Petony Inc.
bazillion - a thousand hojillions
disgruntled - what happens when sheeple become self-aware
do me boots - knee-high beacons of seduction
drunk as fuck - the blood alcohol level required to become gruntled
hojillion - a thousand kazillions
the links - preferred venue of business for $THE MAN$
phat account - an unused, ever-expanding collection of wealth
private moon retreat - the ultimate in penis-size compensation, reached only in a giant cock-shaped rocket
seven figures - the daily salary of $THE MAN$
sheeple - people who don't know who sheeple are
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