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  1. Mothra Fucker
  2. Gnarly Stunts
  3. Rawk Outtie
All songs written by Petony with the assistance of Hans Lo.
Recorded off the floor in two or less takes at Dadmobile HQ in early 2005.

Released: 2005-06-02
Petony is the pstupidest band on earth, and by pstupid I mean totally sweet. Petony were the soldiers of Dadmobile in our war against $THE MAN$. Petony turned the punificent peons in to sheeple. Petony fought against SUVs, inappropriate cell phone use, stalking royals and obsessive lawn care. Petony brought us more ninjas, monkey cyborgs and chili. Do whatever Petony tells you but don't believe a word they say.

RIYL: RAWK, gnarly stunts, pstupidity
Web site: http://dadmobile.com/petony
About Mothra Fucker
The first of the 2005 EP trilogy by Petony, Mothra Fucker is Petony's attempt to make a recording that accurately represents the loud-as-fuck mayhem of a live Petony show. Some would say the result is painfully unlistenable and other would say "Yeah, that's pretty much a live Petony show!" Thank fuck it's Friday!
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