Knock Knock Ginger is an indie-pop band from Waterloo, Ontario. Knock Knock Ginger has a guitarist who sings (Milosz Sikora), a keyboardist (Melissa Djurakov), a drummer (Owen Cherry), a bassist (Lisa Rafferty) and a guitarist who plays trumpet (Matt Charters).

The band’s sound has been described as "experimental," but they can’t quite figure out why. They’d like you to think that they play fun, melodic pop songs with a lyrical slant.

Knock Knock Ginger has been together in various shapes and sizes since the fall of 2004. They recorded their latest EP, Based on a True Story, at the House of Miracles in London and saw it rise to the top ten on campus radio and the CBC radio3 R-30. They've played a lot of shows in a lot of different cities from Ontario to the East Coast.

Knock Knock Ginger always wants to visit new and exciting places and hopes you will come see them when they make it to your town.