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  1. ACT I: The Prawn Of Man
  2. Cosmic Unconsciousness
  3. The Stuff
  4. Hackers Vs. Slackers
  5. Better Days
  6. Subpoena
  7. Voluntary Admission (Shock Me)
  8. Revolution Number Zero
All assimilations co-ordinated by Flowcutus, Earl Of Manwich and Hobo Space Commander.

Co-assimilators by audio document:
3: Motëm
5: Andrea Smirle
6: Gradmother Willow
7: Milosz Sikora, Matt Charters, Karl Snyder

Collective photographic documention: Owen Cherry
Director of visual artistic assimilation and propaganda: Mike Bond

Released: 2015-06-09
Bjorn Borg Collective
Bjorn Borg Collective is the ultimate musical unit in the universe. Bjorn Borg Collective is your friend. Do not fear assimilation. Joining the collective is harmless and will improve your efficiency. Resistance is not optimal.

RIYL: Music, technology, self-improvement
Web site:
About Hobo Space Commander: Act I
118 BPM
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