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  1. The Due Hearts' Last Reunion
  2. Ridin' My Taco
  3. Stranded In A Western World
  4. You Are Very Blue And Silver
  5. Hot Shot
  6. Keep From Freezing
  7. Piercing Sirens/Shoegazer
  8. Bomb The Back Stage
  9. Question Girl Strikes Again (On 45)
  10. Retro Metropolitan
  11. Mega Waco Bomb
  12. Call In The Radio Rock Brigade
  13. Sober Solutions (Ditty For The Biddies)
  14. Ken, You've Lost Your Mind
  15. Drive, Drive
  16. Intermission
All songs (c) 2009 Phenomenon Of The Boy

Released: 1999-07-01
Phenomenon Of The Boy
Phenomenon Of The Boy is the most wonderful band. Actually POTB is the name given to the solo work of Tony Salomone. The live POTB band features many other excellent musicians including Brett Westdorp, Joe Labrie, Ismael Du Croix, Nik Tymoszewicz and Todd The Drummer. POTB likes short songs.

RIYL: Guided By Voices, Pavement, long titles
Web site: http://dadmobile.com/phenomenon
About Call In The Radio Rock Brigade
When this was released in 1999 it said it was a Dadmobile Records release even though Dadmobile Records didn't really exist officially yet. What's that about? Was I channeling the future? I can't remember. Then Petony released an album and we gave this record a catalog number retroactively. That's how we roll at Dadmobile Records. Just make this shit up as we go. This album had a bunch of good ideas and even more terrible execution. Let's count this one as the official practice swing.
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