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  1. X-Ray Specs
  2. Jetpack
  3. Universal Translator
  4. Robot Servant
  5. Laser Gun
  6. Flying Cars
  7. Silver Jumpsuit
  8. Time Travel
  9. Moon Vacation
  10. Food Pills
Recorded and mixed by Mike Bond and Tony Salomone.
Cover painting by Kevin Radigan.
Cover layout by Mike Bond.

Released: 2012-02-01
Bocce is my favourite band ever. They are the band that has played the most shows and hockey games on Dadmobile Records. Bocce is also responsible for 60% of the Dadmobile output for a 5 1/2 year period starting in 2007. Bocce is made up of pieces from many other bands including Grandmother Willow, Silent Film Soundtrack and The Haunches. Bocce once managed to fit the entire band and all of their gear in to a Grand Prix.

RIYL: Holy Fuck, Trans Am, yourself
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About Future 1.0
Imagine, if you will, a world filled with flying cars, jet packs and silver jumpsuits. On their newest album, Future 1.0, Bocce explores yesterday's promise of a better world through technological advancement. The self-produced, online release takes the band in a bold new direction, fusing elements of kraut-rock and psychedlia into Bocce's electronic rock roots. An amalgamation of orchestral elements, out-of-worldly synths and heavily processed vocals are used to explore a day when language, space and even time provided no limit to what is possible for humanity. The band's exciting live performances have also been augmented by an audio/visual multimedia experience that brings to life Bocce's vision of THE FUTURE!
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