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  1. Love Renee
  2. (The Tragic Love Affair Of) Kasey And Jaime
  3. The Great Escape
  4. Upsala
  5. The Makeout Song
Recorded at House Of Miracles, London, Ontario in 2006.
Songs were written by Milosz Sikora and Knock Knock Ginger:
Matt Charters (guitar, horns, backup vocals)
Owen Cherry (drums, percussion, backup vocals)
Melissa Djurakov (Rhodes, Wurlitzer, vocals)
Andorephus Metler (bass, Hammond, slide guitar, backup vocals)
Lisa Rafferty (backup vocals)
and Milosz Sikora (vocals, guitar, percussion)
Special Appearance: 17th Chapel congregation of Upsala on 4
Recorded and mixed by J. Andrew Magoffin
Mastered by Tony Salomone at Dadmobile Studios
Artwork by Hayley Schmalz
Produced by Knock Knock Ginger

Released: 2006-12-06
Knock Knock Ginger
Knock Knock Ginger, or KKG as the cool kids call them, is probably the most wonderful band I know. They have been together continuously for longer than any other band on the label. They were once called the best prom band that has never played a prom. They are the only band on the label to ever play theremin live and they have the most songs featuring trumpet. Knock Knock Ginger has had more female members and more fantasy football players than any other band on Dadmobile.

RIYL: Decemberists, Belle And Sebastian, life
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About Based On A True Story
BOATS, as it's called to those in the know, was KKG's Christmas present to the year 2006. Although it presented the same number of songs as Hurry!, it took two steps forward in defining KKG's sound. This album has the fewest animals of any KKG album cover.
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